How to Get to Varadero, Cuba

How to Get to Varadero, Cuba

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According to Bridgat, the only way to get to Cuba from Russia is by air. It is more profitable to fly in transit through European countries. The island has no sea communication with other states, and Cuban railways are not recommended even by the Cubans themselves. Trains do not run to all cities, traffic rarely meets the schedule. The nearest railway station to Varadero is in the province of Cardenas, 15 km southeast.

By plane

There are no regular direct flights from Russia to Varadero Airport. A non-stop flight from Moscow is possible only to Havana, flights are operated by Aeroflot. The ticket price depends on the date of travel. Economy class one way during the year can be bought for 560 USD. In December, the price range increases, 630-1200 USD. Round trip tickets cost a minimum of 430 USD (if booked in advance). Flight time is 13 hours.

If you fly to Havana with a transfer, the minimum price tag for one ticket is from 340 to 600 USD, and a round-trip flight costs 1200 USD and more. The connecting flight takes 16-30 hours, transfers are carried out mainly in Paris and Amsterdam.

It is possible to fly from Moscow to Varadero with a connection in Belgium and Germany. The price of round-trip tickets starts from 800 USD, on the way – 22 hours or more.

It is convenient for Petersburgers to fly to Varadero with a change in Vienna or Frankfurt am Main. The total travel time is from 16.5 hours, a one-way ticket costs about 420 USD. The second option is through Moscow and further – directly to Havana.

From airport to city

From Havana airport to Varadero can be reached by bus or taxi.

Tourists are transported by the transport company Viazul. Comfortable buses with air conditioning and toilets leave for Varadero 4 times a day. The difficulty is that the departure station is located 15 km from the airport (the intersection of Avenida 26 and Avenida Zoologico, opposite the zoo). To get here from the international terminal 3, you need to take a taxi (30-35 CUC). City buses stop at Terminal 1, but they usually do not carry tourists and accept payments only in CUP.

The trip to Varadero costs 10 CUC and takes 3.5 hours. You can buy a ticket in the arrivals area of ​​the airport, at the Viazul parking lot or order at the office. website (in English) Other Cuban buses are aimed at local residents, they have no fixed schedule, stops are spontaneous, and the salons are overcrowded.

The most popular transfer from Havana to Varadero is a taxi. It saves time (135 km, just over 2 hours on the road), but not money. The trip will cost 80 CUC (regular car) or 150 CUC (minivan).

It is easier to get from Varadero airport. You can overcome 20 km from it to the city center by bus for 5 CUC or by taxi for 30-35 CUC.


The cheapest way to get around the peninsula is the Varadero Beach Tour double-decker bus. Having paid 5 CUC for a ticket (purchased from the driver), you can ride until the evening without restrictions.

Out of town from the bus station at the corner of the Autopista Sur and Calle 36 (Terminal de Omnibus) comfortable buses from ViaZul depart: to Trinidad (27 CUC, more than 6 hours on the way), Havana (14 CUC, 3 hours), Santiago de Cuba (50-55 CUC, 15 hours with arrival in Santa Clara and other cities). The buses of another carrier Astro are less comfortable, but the fare is cheaper, and the list of destinations is longer.

Taxi drivers are everywhere in the city. The cost of the trip should be agreed in advance, usually it is 1 CUC per landing and 5 CUC per km. Some machines have meters, but they rarely work.

There is also its own transport exotic. A seat in a horse-drawn carriage will cost 20 CUC. Yellow egg-shaped Coco taxis are very funny, but expensive. A ride on a Bici taxi is generally a gamble. This semblance of a bicycle with three wheels and seats is officially forbidden to carry tourists, but who asks permission…

If long trips outside of Varadero are not in your plans, take a closer look at the bike. Many hotels have rentals – free of charge or from 3 to 5 CUC per hour. But we must keep in mind that it only takes a couple of minutes without supervision on the street for the bike to have a new owner.

In car rental points it is possible to rent a scooter. Bicycle transport will be offered from 35 CUC per day. But a scooter in Varadero is not a good idea – because of the same theft.

Varadero hotels

The cityscape of Varadero is full of modern hotels and villas. You probably haven’t heard of hostels here. Almost all hotels have “stars”, a modest double room costs 70-80 CUC per night. If staying in a hotel is not included in the plans, it is better to choose simpler accommodation (apartments, mini-hotels).

Large complexes of 4 and 5 “stars” are optimal for families with children. They occupy vast territories, equipped with playgrounds and other entertainment. A family room in 4 * will cost 140-220 CUC.

Cozy bungalows are suitable for couples who want a romantic retreat. And those who are used to relaxing widely will appreciate the comfort and prestige of five-star hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis. In this case, you will have to pay 160 CUC or more per day.

  • Coast of Varadero

Rent a Car

There are no international Hertz or Avis in Cuba, but there are enough rental offices. In Varadero, you can rent a car at Cubacar, Havanautos, Rex. Representative offices of these companies are also located in hotels and the airport. In order to make life easier, you can book a car in advance at the office. sites.

Traffic in Varadero is not dense, you can drive around by car without any problems. Gas stations are located at the intersection of Autopista Sur and Calle 17 and in the airport area.

The price is affected by the rental period and time of year. The cheapest small car with a manual transmission can be rented for 69 CUC per day in the low season (May-June, September-November) and for 100-105 CUC in the high season. Insurance – 15-30 CUC is usually included in the price. It is more difficult to find an automatic transmission, such cars cost from 81 CUC. Minivans and luxury cars – from 170 CUC per day. The deposit will be 230 CUC, some companies charge 20 CUC on top for airport rentals. Or they demand a fee for the fact that the car is returned not to where it was taken.

How to Get to Varadero, Cuba