Google’s Chief Designer Deals Against Smartwatches

In an interview with Bloomberg has Google’s Chief Designer Matías Duarte surprisingly his rather negative attitude toward Smartwatches set forth. The head behind the Android 5.0 “lollipop” imported “material design” compares Smartwatches with electronic openers.

Smartwatches not necessary

In his opinion there currently just two types of users for the Smartwatches sense would result: those who want to receive many notifications and get not always your Smartphone out of the Pocket, as well as those who are engaged in everyday life much and like to fitness. For all other potential users of it doing something with Smartwatches similar as with electronic openers: you don’t need them, would like to but the additional comfort no longer renounce, once one has experienced it.

The future of the Smartwatch industry sees the Google designers primarily in networking with other portable devices: A Smartwatch is thus in a number of devices classify them, that all of them were in the environment of the user and would be organized by the Smartphone. Such a device being then in principle as an app on a conventional phone.