Google Develops Smart Watch, the Nexus Watch

Google is developing a smart wrist watch, says the Financial Times. Will compete with Apple iWatch, and with the Galaxy Watch, from Samsung

São Paulo — Google is developing a smart wrist watch, says the British newspaper Financial Times. This supposed Nexus Watch should run the Android system and communicate with the user’s smartphone via a wireless connection. Will display information, issuing alerts and, maybe, make voice calls by cell phone.

The Financial Times says the smart of Google Watch is a project of the Division responsible for Android smartphones and tablets of the Nexus line. Is different from glasses of augmented reality, that were created in Google X, the laboratory for the company’s boldest projects.

The newspaper claims to have received information from a person informed about the project”. The news is not surprising, since other large companies, like Apple and Samsung, also develop your smart watches. In addition, the rumor about Google’s watch already circulating for some time in Silicon Valley.

These devices already on the market for years. Sony has one, the Smart Watch; and Samsung has already released two models in the past. But, in General, they are expensive, offer limited functions and have problems such as the short duration of the battery charge. So, these gadgets have not become objects of desire.

But now there are chips that consume less power. The technology of liquid crystal screens and wireless communication are more mature. And voice interfaces – such as Siri, Apple;’S Voice, from Samsung; and Google Now also start to become more functional.

Soon, the moment when someone can create a smart watch really attractive. In the past, Apple was the company that best took advantage of that kind of opportunity. When Steve Jobs announced the iPod in 2001, there were already other music players on the market.

But they stored a few songs or were too big. So, they didn’t do much success. Thanks to innovations such as a magnetic disk only 1.8 inch, created by Toshiba, Apple may develop the first compact player that was user-friendly interface and the ability for more than 1000 songs. Ended up dominating the market.

The process was repeated in 2007 with the iPhone; and in 2010, with the iPad. But the time when Apple had these ideas alone and the world was surprised. Companies, today, read each other’s thoughts. If there is an opportunity, a lot of people to see. The number of startups developing smart watches-Pebble, Martian and I’m Watch are some examples – is evidence of that.

There is a race among manufacturers. Everyone wants to have the first really successful intelligent clock-the iPod of the watches. For Google, this search also enters in a larger context, of the computation to wear. The company will start selling its augmented reality glasses at the end of the year.

At least initially, they should not become a mass product. They are expensive (preliminary version costs $1,500 in the United States); and, of course, not all people will want to walk around with a gadget that should call enough attention.

A watch is more discreet and integrates seamlessly to the clothing of the people. So, your potential sales looks bigger. It’s an area where we will see many new features.