Glare of The Adverts from Apple Watch? We Are Going to Do a Light Review

The week, the latest tail on Sunday and the last tail are finished also of the month of June. Apple Watch has come to our country and with an advertising campaign in all the television channels.

The truth is that Apple does not us very accustomed to so much advertising campaign had. We have been with her since early June, shortly before the Developer Conference, when Apple announced the second wave of countries that would receive Apple Watch.

I am sure that many of you You may have seen this listing dozens of times in different Spanish chains. Yesterday, when Apple Watch was launched, we could see as expanding the TV campaign.

It is a new product, a new category, Apple you have to tell what is what can or can not be with him. This ad is called “Sunrise”.

Apple keeps trying to show everything that allows us to watch… Above, sport, exercise, avoid sedentary lifestyle, get habits in our daily life.

And how not, could not miss the human face of Apple, the feelings. “We” is called this announcement and treats the human side of the clock, a new way to communicate between two people through the clock.

As always, Apple breaks out what you do best, try to caress the sensitive fiber. Some will say that Apple does not have the expected sales of the clock and that’s why this campaign so acuciada. I think what Apple does what you do best, show the more human side of technology.

Happy end of Sunday.