Carrera Wearable 01: Name of the First TAG Heuer Smartwatch Known

That TAG Heuer will bring a Smartwatch on the market, was a long time ago. Most recently, Bloomberg reported that that the clock will go in the fall at a price of 1400 dollars at the start. It is expected that TAG Heuer used Android Wear as the operating system can be. Then we wrote:

It should be ready in October or November. Then, the clock, which should have a battery life of 40 hours, should be available in stores. The price will probably be $1,400 in American space. Should be in this country to be reckoned with a similar price.

Now, there are more details to the TAG Heuer Smartwatch – including name. Compared to Wareable, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of the Swiss watch-maker, told that the first Smartwatch from the House will bear the name Carrera wearable 01. This is based on previous Carrera product lines, who still have a mechanical dial. Also write the colleagues that the Carrera wearable 01 the first Android wear Smartwatch will be with interchangeable components. You could then improve it piece by piece. There it will be quite excited.