Bike 360, Motorola Teaches Video Will Be like Your Smart Watch

The announcement of Android Wear, which we are still assimilating, joins le now the manufacturers who are already working with This operating system designed for wearables. Already in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress, the company now part of Lenovo left a message clear: we’re in this market.

As if it were a dominoes. Motorola has announced Bike 360 from your smart watch with the operating system Android Wear. Through a video, teach us a few images that leave us wanting to see more in detail how will this device work.

It is true that the video shows us a little and is that the photos that have been taught are not more than that: commercial images that are a bit away from how the final device in our dolls will look. That Yes, it seems that Motorola has decided starting from a very classic design to get inside all that part smart.

Like the rest of announced watches, this watch will come with support for voice commands, contextual alarms, notifications and the possibility of obtaining addresses directly on the wrist. Tomorrow day 19 the leading designer of bike 360 will give a conference where we will speak more in detail about this device.

For the time being until there can read because Motorola has not announced exactly when will arrive this bike 360 or to which countries. He says that he will be in the summer and that it will reach several territories. We will be tuned to see if more information is expanded officially.