ASUS Wants to Its Smartwatch Recognizes Voices and Gestures

All are ready-made technology to bring sunset over, especially smart watches, so that will surprise no one to see that ASUS talks on the subject. Are really in that platoon of manufacturers who are waiting for the thing to mature to present their proposals, and are occasionally pronounced so that we know that they also are this.

As said, they will have a smartwatch This same year, and strengths to work have to do with control. You want that your solution can be used via gestures, or directly with voice commands.

The reason we have in the screen size of these new devices, too small to interact in the same way that we do it with phones and tablets. Ultimately, find a more natural and in keeping with the device interaction.

Your Smart Watch, phone add-on

This Taiwanese company, Jonney Shih’s own CEO had everything. Also relates too to the jig future phones, i.e. that we can start thinking about an accessory of the same, rather than a fully autonomous gadget in its features.

It currently recognizes the work of Samsung with S-Voice integration in its proposals, but believes that the market has a lot to improve in this regard, in addition to incorporating the recognition of gestures as a complementary method.

Another aspect which considers that it should be improved so that a product can be considered useful and mature is autonomy. Energy consumption that have current devices, in relation to its small batteries, is not ideal. They consider that clocks should consume a tenth to a phone.

Finally, remember the fact that Google She is currently aimed at devices “wearables” Android development tools, and in a couple of weeks may be available to those interested. This is something that will get many manufacturers to be mounted on the carriage of Google when it comes to make “wearable” devices.