Another Legal War between Apple and Samsung? Please Don’t

This week, at the level of mobile technology, it has been the week of Samsung. The company has presented two new mobile phones, Note 5 Galaxy and the Galaxy S6 + Edge, and as a final surprise has offered a first look at what you can start a new generation of smartwatches to the mark: the Samsung Gear S2.

And Oh, I already know the face that you have put many of you see that clock interface. Icons round and simple, with only a predominant color or simple symbols… I confess that I’ve also raised an eyebrow. The designs are much less similar to the interface of the Apple Watch. And this does not augur a too positive future.

Too many similar to that on Apple to ignore it

This is what at the moment is formally about this watch, which we will know much more information on September 3 from Berlin:

It’s a short video but that already tells us many things: several watch styles including some that make use of a globe, application of exercise, and an interface of icons that seems to work with a rotating wheel (perhaps the entire framework of the clock?).

I won’t be throwing accusations at Samsung defending that Apple has been the inventor of the technology from the wheel. We should be clear that, at some point, all the big companies have taken advantage of the ideas of other companies. But of what no doubt is that right now, in Cupertino has to have a good legal team under the direction of Tim Cook considering launched a lawsuit to Samsung. There is simply too many coincidences to make that not happen.

@Samsung When can I expect a paycheck from you? You know, since you insist on using all my fucking designs…

— not Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) August 13, 2015

The problem is that this has already happened before, and for the user it is nothing more than a disaster. A year ago I did a good compilation that sums it up: claims, requests for secret information, sale of some terminal blocks, arguments that science fiction films and agreements that take years to be used.

Additionally, this type of fights can seriously affect the agenda of future releases. Let us remember that Samsung manufactures components for Apple, and among them, probably will be the chip that will equip the next iPhone. Imagine, for example, how from Cupertino they decide to sue Samsung for this watch. Samsung strikes back in the tribunals. And Apple decides to withdraw the contract of making those chips, being forced to look for another supplier and delaying the production. We already are: launching a stock too limited, or directly moved to more distant dates.

I guess that it is something that at this point Apple will always have in their plans as something that can happen, but even so are things that occur due to demands by patents. And in that, Apple has already done the homework getting Apple Watch interface patent and therefore has every right in the world to declare war on Samsung again. But If it does, we will be again in a trial process that can last for years. And that, from my point of view and although the reasons for Apple are valid, embarrasses all of the involved companies.