Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California

Northern America

According to A2zcamerablog, Anaheim may not be the most famous city in the state of California. But it is definitely one of the most popular. Because on their territory, which is located south of Los Angeles, the Disneyland Resort is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

Almost 17 million visitors flock to Anaheim year after year to experience the Disney attractions. These numbers are only exceeded by in-house competition. The ” Magic Kingdom “, which is also part of the Disney Group and is located in Orlando, Florida, can easily top the visitor records of Anaheim. But back to the west coast, back to Anaheim. What exactly can visitors expect here? You can look forward to the two parks “Disneyland” and “Disney California Adventure Park” under the heading “Disneyland Resort”. Attached to the whole is a hotel complex with a shopping center and a large area with a diverse gastronomic offer.

Walt Disney was there at the start

The starting shot for the Disney Resort Anaheim was given in the summer of 1954. The site for the large-scale project had been carefully selected as part of a university study, with the emphasis on easy accessibility. That was guaranteed with the connection to the freeway to Los Angeles. Where there had been walnut and orange trees shortly before, the first Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955, after investing 17 million US dollars. It was the starting shot for an almost unparalleled success story. Gradually, more and more parks were added, the existing ones were expanded and renamed several times. While Disney tried to attract day visitors in the first few years, today not only the number of guests, but also their length of stay are in the foreground. Since every resort now has at least one hotel complex, the guests should stay as long as possible. Of course you have to offer them something for that. A creed that Disney has taken to heart.

One wonderland after another

So when you move into the Disneyland Resort, you often don’t even know what to do first and last. Perhaps it is not a bad idea to take your time and take your time to take on and conquer one themed land after another. The most classic and oldest theme land at Disney is “Main Street USA”. Visitors get to know a typical American small town as it may have looked at the beginning of the 20th century. Silent films are shown here and you can meet former presidents here. Above all, however, the railway starts here, which circles the entire park on an initial exploration tour.

In “Adventureland”, the adventure land, the exotic continues. Here, Tarzan’s tree house awaits explorers as well as comparatively wild journeys by jeep or boat. The cinematic inspiration for this topic is Indiana Jones.

In “New Orleans Square” it is time to say goodbye to the spiritual father of this fantastic world. The place was the last change and expansion of the resort that Walt Disney personally accompanied and experienced. Today the visitor can not only experience a haunted house there, but also get into a boat with the pirates of the Caribbean.

In “Frontierland” the good old “Wild West”, as we know it from cowboy films, comes to life again. But not only is there “sharp” shooting, you can also go around Tom Sawyer’s island or explore an old mine in a very peaceful way with a Mississippi steamer.

Smaller children in particular will love the “Critter Country” or “Tierland” themed areas. Why? Because this is where they meet their heroes like Winnie the Pooh and because they can really make waves on a whitewater run.

But also in “Fantasyland” little guests are in good hands. Peter Pan and Pinocchio are permanent staff here, Alice in Wonderland is at home here and Dumbo, the flying elephant, gets a carousel going there – to name just a few examples.

Also in “Mickey’s Toontown”, which corresponds to Mickey’s cartoon city, visitors will meet many good friends. This includes Mickey himself and his Minnie, of course, but also Donald Duck and Daisy, Goofy, Roger Rabbit and many others are waiting here for a personal meeting with the guests. It’s almost impossible to top it, except, perhaps, from “Tomorrowland”, the land of the future. Everything here seems to be super fast, infrared, lasered and absolutely future-oriented. Anyone who needs a break afterwards is in exactly the right place. The “high-speed monorail” takes you from Tomorrowland directly to Downtown Disneyland in the heart of the hotel and restaurant district. By the way, more than 50 kilometers per hour are not really achieved; but it feels faster.

Adventure like in a movie

In the resort’s second park, the “Disney California Adventure Park”, visitors are also drawn from one theme world to another. Drawing much inspiration from Disney movies, this park opened on February 8, 2001. It ranks tenth in the order of the most popular Disney parks. In the “Buena Vista Street” the visitor immerses himself in the Los Angeles of the twenties, but also crosses the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Famous Californian landscapes such as the Mojave Desert or the Napa Valley are the subject of “The Golden State”, while the “Hollywood Pictures Backlot” is about newer Disney productions. An example of this is the “Twilight Zone”. At the “Paradise Pier”, an artificial lake invites you to blow, but at the same time a replica of the legendary Route 66 is waiting for explorers. There are also some daring roller coasters in this area.

In “Bug’s Land”, which simulates the world from the perspective of an insect, the proportions shift quite impressively, and in “Cars Land” it’s all about hot tires and skillful balancing.

The life in the sea and myths of the sea, such as the sunken Atlantis, are the themes that have inspired various roller coasters in the amusement park. The lanes are aimed at different age groups, with a large water splash lane (“Shamu Express”) also being thought of for the little ones. As with all well-known amusement parks in the USA, “SeaWorld” San Antonio can either be visited for a day or booked as a holiday package including a hotel stay. Of course, the complex also offers various restaurants and shops.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim in a nutshell

  • Disney Resort with two amusement parks, a hotel, a shopping mall and a restaurant complex
  • Located in Anaheim south of Los Angeles in the US state of California
  • Designed for visitors who want to stay for several days

Anaheim, California