Altus Afb, Oklahoma Demographics

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According to travelationary, Altus AFB is located in Jackson County, Oklahoma. As an Air Force Base, it primarily serves as a training center for the United States Air Force. The base is situated about four miles east-northeast of the city of Altus and covers an area of approximately 4,618 acres.

In terms of population, Altus AFB has a relatively small community compared to other Air Force bases. The base is home to approximately 3,000 military personnel, including active-duty members, reserve members, and their families. The majority of the population consists of enlisted personnel, with officers comprising a smaller percentage.

The demographics of Altus AFB are influenced by the military nature of the base. The population is diverse, representing various ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. The military personnel stationed at the base come from different parts of the country, bringing with them a mix of traditions and experiences.

The age distribution at Altus AFB is also diverse. It includes individuals from various age groups, including young recruits fresh out of high school to more seasoned service members with families. The presence of families on the base contributes to a sense of community and a family-friendly environment.

Altus AFB has a strong presence of both male and female military personnel. The Air Force has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and diversity, and this is reflected in the demographics of the base. The base is home to a growing number of female service members who contribute to the mission and operations of the Air Force.

The educational background of the population at Altus AFB varies. Many military personnel have completed high school and enlisted in the Air Force to pursue a career in the military. However, there are also individuals with higher education degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The Air Force provides educational opportunities for its members, allowing them to continue their education while serving.

Altus AFB also has a significant transient population due to its role as a training center. Many individuals come to the base for specialized training and then move on to other assignments or deployments. This transient population adds to the diversity and dynamic nature of the base community.

The economic impact of Altus AFB extends beyond the base itself. The presence of the base contributes to the local economy, supporting businesses and creating job opportunities in the surrounding area. The base provides stability and economic growth to the community of Altus, Oklahoma.

In conclusion, Altus AFB, Oklahoma, is a diverse community with a relatively small population. It is home to a mix of military personnel, including active-duty members, reserve members, and their families. The demographics of the base reflect the diversity of the United States Air Force, with individuals from various ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. The presence of families and a wide range of age groups contribute to a sense of community and a family-friendly environment. Altus AFB plays a significant role in the local economy, supporting businesses and creating job opportunities in the surrounding area.

Location, Weather, and Education of Altus Afb, Oklahoma

According to citypopulationreview, Altus AFB is located in southwestern Oklahoma, approximately 4 miles east-northeast of Altus, a small city in Jackson County. The base covers an area of around 6,500 acres and is situated on the high plains, characterized by flat terrain and vast open spaces. The region is known for its agricultural activities, with large tracts of farmland surrounding the base.

The weather in Altus AFB is typical of a continental climate, experiencing hot summers and relatively mild winters. Summers are long and hot, with temperatures often exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The region also has a high humidity level, which can make the heat feel more intense. Winters are generally mild, with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. However, occasional cold fronts can bring freezing temperatures.

Altus AFB is home to the 97th Air Mobility Wing, which serves as the host unit. The base is primarily focused on training and education for aircrew members. The primary mission of Altus AFB is to provide formal training for C-17 Globemaster III and KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. The base is also responsible for training aircrew members in aeromedical evacuation and other specialized areas.

Education is a significant aspect of Altus AFB, with several educational institutions available to military personnel and their families. The base has an on-site elementary school, Altus Intermediate School, which provides education from pre-kindergarten to 6th grade. For higher grades, students attend Altus Public Schools, which offer comprehensive education from elementary to high school levels.

In addition to traditional schooling, Altus AFB offers a range of educational opportunities for military members. The base has an Education Center, which provides various programs and resources for continuing education. Active-duty personnel, dependents, and civilian employees can access services such as counseling, tuition assistance, and testing facilities to pursue further education.

For military spouses and dependents, Altus AFB also offers resources to support their educational aspirations. The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program provides guidance and assistance in navigating educational and career paths. SECO offers information on scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options, making it easier for military families to pursue higher education.

Altus AFB is also in close proximity to several colleges and universities, providing opportunities for higher education beyond the base. Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) is located in Weatherford, approximately 60 miles north of Altus AFB. SWOSU offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, making it a convenient option for military personnel and their families seeking advanced degrees.

In conclusion, Altus AFB in Oklahoma offers a unique combination of a rural location, continental climate, and a strong emphasis on education. The base serves as a premier training facility for aircrew members, specializing in C-17 and KC-135 aircraft. With its on-site elementary school, education center, and proximity to colleges and universities, Altus AFB provides ample opportunities for military personnel and their families to pursue their educational goals.