A Survey Reveals That If, Apple Watch Us Is Lifting The Sofa

Wristly, the company already mentioned US 97% percentage of satisfaction of Apple Watch, is back with another study that begins to reflect the benefits of having a small computer on the wrist that asks us to move us more. In a survey of 1,000 people, most of them they rise more, walking more and do more exercise.

We are going to concrete numbers: 75% of those surveyed are agreed or strongly agreed that rises most since they have Apple Watch. 67% are agreed or strongly agreed that step more, and 57% are agreed or strongly agreed that practice more physical exercise. Not bad for a “simple” watch.

Which most dare to move do mild exercise, but it’s something

In the upper graph note that harder is the exercise that asks, less satisfaction there. I.e.: Apple Watch encourages more walking and exercising of mild intensity, but the most intense exercises bring to many fewer people.

89% of users shown satisfied or very satisfied with the activity application included by default in the Apple Watch, 80% is shown in the same way with reminders to rise and gauge the heart rate, and 75% of respondents are satisfied with the application exercise.

In this other graph highlights that users are (relatively) more dissatisfied with third-party applications. Perhaps it is the effect of having to run them from the iPhone and we will see an improvement when Watch OS 2 reach our dolls? Anyway, I am comforted to see that the overall measure is that many are satisfied and encouraged to move more.

Personally, I’ve noticed it. Notices mentioned in the survey so that you rise may be somewhat inconvenient sometimes, but compensates in the hours of work so not too distracted and andes one minute between hours. And in fact, as soon as you finish this article I think jogging in order to have that half-hour of movement accomplished in my records. Nothing that can not be with force of will, I do not deny, but Apple Watch becomes a good motivator for this.