24-Hour Delicacy, Classic Watches That Are Used at All Times

When looking for a Watch I want one that I like for the 24 hours a day. I want a Classic model, to go with everything and that it is suitable for day and night. A watch is a supplement that marks your style, is as a mark of the House. Why I like to invest in brand and quality models. Because I know that I will accompany many hours a day and because I know that I’m going to have to look at several times a day. And I should like much so that whenever you look at it, still love me.

Male style, soul of gentleman

One of the things that I like most of the men, are your watches, and I consider that the male watches they are equally well in our delicate female dolls. Ideal for the working days, allow you to get them with all kinds of clothes. As these watches of Emporio Armani in shades of silver. Contrast them on your wrist with delicate bracelets also silver.

Technology advances more and more. And also it comes to watches. Watches Seiko kinetic recharged with the movement of your body. They also have up to 6 months of autonomy with full load and indicate the reservation charge by pressing a button. The model on the left combines a great design and an ecological soul. And the model on the right keeps a more retro look.

Although I cannot resist that is to the Gold watches. They give strength and class to your everyday look. In Michael Kors There are thousand options of male models with golden chains.

Watches belonging to the Constellation collection of luxury watches Omega they are offered in a variety of models. To take into account those of gold pink, that add a feminine plus to watch, and that mix steel and gold, that combine with silver and gold jewelry. That said, you can be 24 hours with them.

The vintage is also for watches

Lately I’m getting still more classic in my taste for watches and I love the of vintage air. They usually have leather belt, and this is pretty close. The sphere is transformed sometimes into a rectangle and numbers appear in Roman version. It is as if you inherited the old grandfather clock. You will find them in Michael Kors watches, priced between 120 and 250 euros.

It is curious as it has become the fashion of the Casio watches. Some digital clocks that all children who grew up in the 80’s lucĂ­amos in our arms and are now more than most. Whims of trends.

But if our budget has no limits, might prefer a model of Bulgari, with the leather strap in crocodile and dial yellow gold. A watch for a lifetime.