Xbox SmartGlass: a Tablet or Phone Companion Desktop Console

Finally the rumors were certain and Microsoft unveiled what is known as Xbox SmartGlass. This application, as expected, will be the key to the integration of tablets and smartphones in the ecosystem of the desktop console.

Xbox SmartGlass It is presented by Microsoft as a supplement to the game (not the control itself), but also as a method of control and companion for our multimedia experience beside your Xbox 360.

Basically, SmartGlass is raised as a service of your console with three fronts:

Complement to the game

The first idea that comes to mind with SmartGlass into the console of Microsoft is the de complement of some games.

We cannot think of time in playing with a classic controller,watch and the tablet at the same time. But so has taught us about SmartGlass Microsoft at its E3 2012 Conference, that we can imagine a pause in the game to discover complementary data (maps, tools, weapons…) or use the tablet or smartphone in the moment in which you have to prepare a stage of the game than by difficulty could not run with the usual command (strategy in sports games for example)

A pause is enough to collect information or enter special menus

If we went down to more simple and casual games that we already control our body or voice thanks to Kinect, SmartGlass can be a complement to introduce touch possibilities, as you want to do with your GamePad Nintendo or Apple already has with the combination of AirPlay and iOS.

Streaming content manager

Being the Microsoft console all well prepared, to multimedia equipment manage lists, content and reproduction from the screen of the tablet It is the second obvious and necessary application for Xbox SmartGlass.

And let us not forget, because he has taught it own Microsoft, of, sent once content to reproduce, have on the tip of your fingers information about that content and access to social networks to comment.

Watching a series and reviewing on the tablet of the same maps

Control of services such as browser

While the movement and voice are already basic controls and that they work for the Xbox 360, have a smartphone with touch screen and not take advantage of it for greater precision in the control of applications would be absurd.

Microsoft has shown it with Internet Explorer, where phone or tablet takes centre stage as control, can move the courses using the touch screen, move the Web page or zoom with the fingers in images and text.

The phone makes the mouse in the browser function

On the arrival of Xbox SmartGlass, will be an application for the console and teams of Microsoft (iOS and Android) that we can enjoy with the fall of the company console update. Then a video of the presentation of Microsoft demo: