Why Microsoft Has Successful with Band: from the “Smartwatch”

Almost by surprise, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Band, his bracelet cuantificadora and the jump from Redmond to the wearables world. It is impossible to avoid comparisons with competitors, Apple and Google; and their respective products, iWatch, and Android Wear. And in that comparison, I personally believe that Microsoft is who’s gain.

It seems a somewhat absurd conclusion. It is undeniable that the iWatch and Android Wear have features that the Microsoft Band does not count. In fact, it is that the first are smartwatches while Microsoft is a cuantificadora bracelet. Why I say that in Redmond have been successful?

Microsoft has successful because he has understood what is the subject of the wearables and has not fallen into the failure of their competitors, which have tried to create the car of Homer Simpson.

In Microsoft, you know that, right now, smart watches are a solution in search of a problem.

And is that the wearables pull has been part of the quantification. I believe that few people seen the utility to talk to your wrist to reply to a message rather than remove the mobile from your Pocket (because few smartwatches are independent from the phone) and do it with the keyboard. Notifications on the wrist, in what many have focused, is not something that provides a real value.

Microsoft has understood that. You understand that, for the moment, put your phone on the wrist does not make sense. The wearables are not for everyone, and that those who are buying them do so mainly for quantify, to measure your exercise and activity and have more data. And that it is much better to go to that niche, where are products like Fitbit or Jawbone, which try to expand it artificially with products which in theory are all but in reality don’t serve anyone.

You just have to see how sold it. You don’t have “the best screen” because the only thing that you need to see are four counted things. It does not have “a new way of interacting with the system” because it is not necessary to interact with the bracelet so you do what you have to do. It is not anchored to a given system because you don’t have to be an extension of your mobile to be useful.

Microsoft has not made the mistake of closing its platform: Health is open to third parties.

There are many things which are not needed in a product of this style (Interestingly, all that differentiate a bracelet a smartwatch cuantificadora) and which only serve to make more expensive it and worse your battery. As Antonio Ortiz said in the analysis of the bike 360, the most remarkable clock so far, at the moment, the smartwatches are a solution in search of a problem.

And I not only say this: only a day has passed and it seems that this band has had considerable success. It is true that it is not for everyone (I would not buy it me, for example) but that doesn’t mean that it is a good product: it has a target clear, it is open to any system and device – of the ecosystem closed every time cool less – he has a powerful platform behind, and is not overly expensive. It is a good start in the world of the wearables and probably used to Microsoft for take the lead When you can create more useful products in this category – i.e. when there is a reason to create smart watches apart from “is that X company has one”.


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Source: www.computerworlduk.com