This Is What You Should Take into Account The Developers to Create Apps for WatchOS 2

A couple of months watchOS 2 came to market to bring great changes and benefits both users and developers of applications for the Apple smart clock. Therefore the Apple company made a video of the hand of Mashable so Conrad Stoll, one of its developers, explain what should be considered with the new operating system of Apple Watch and how the upgrade will benefit existing applications.

In the two-minute video, Stoll says the main difference between watchOS 2 and its predecessor: where the code is running. The developer also explains why this new version of the operating system of Apple Watch It has applications with more capabilities than those who had the first watchOS apps.

Stoll also confirmed that developers they now have access to a variety of surveillance sensors, including heart rate monitor, what may take advantage to give you more applications to intelligent Apple clock.

Promoting native Apps

In addition to these changes, the new watchOS 2 will allow developers to write native apps. These applications will provide access to sensors, taptic engine, they can display video and audio, among other possibilities.

Remember that with the first watchOS apps were not more than the reflection of its counterpart on the iPhone, by what processing was done on the phone and there was sent to the smart watch, doing that each application would be very slow. There are already several applications that have made the change and have become native, offering users more quickly in its execution, as its logical part already resides in the clock.

Among the great innovations of watchOS 2 are also new areas, new forms of communication, the integration of activity registered by third-party apps on the physical activity of the clock “meter” or even, access to updates of the maps of iOS from Apple Watch.

You then share the video to know in detail recommendations that makes the Apple Developer on the new operating system for smart clock.