The Possible Microsoft Smartwatch Could Be Rather a Smart Bracelet

Although all this time we have been talking about a possible ‘smartwatch’ Microsoft it may not be that exactly what prepared in Redmond. According to new data published by Paul Thurrott from own sources, that it would be working in the offices of the company seems rather to a map cuantificadora bracelet.

The journalist said that the entry of Microsoft into the new world of the “wearables” will be in the form of the style of Gear Fit Samsung device. More than a smart watch would be more correct to speak of Smart bracelet; equipped with multiple sensors to record our activities, with a screen to display the data and the possibility to synchronize them with our smartphone.

This is consistent with previous rumors, as well as descriptions and images of patents registered by the company’s employees. Although the display of the new gadget can display the time and notifications of the smartphone, its conception and likely design away it a bit of the smartwatches being presented for other platforms.

With these last also has another point of differentiation that already had been mentioned previously. Front of the offered by the competition, Microsoft continues with its cross-platform design and it would have the intention that his smart bracelet to work not only with smartphones with Windows Phone, but also with terminals with Android and iOS.

Thurrott also dares to put price and to situate its moment of arrival to the market. According to their data, the price of this ‘smartband’ Microsoft would be the same as that of Samsung Gear, i.e., 199 euros; and your ad, with their immediate release to the sale, would be carried out in the last quarter of this year 2014.