The CEO of Best Buy Confirms Sales “Very Strong” Apple Watch

Conferences of shareholders, these quarterly meetings where companies use their numbers to make up as well as possible before the financial public, we have returned to give information about the Apple Watch. As they reported in Fortune, Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, has shared that Apple Watch I was having a “very strong” sales.

In the midst of quarterly results that have exceeded the expectations of analysts, catapulting the value of its stock, Joly confirmed that they would expedite the expansion of the sale of Apple clock to the rest of its stores. In particular, the company has passed an initial pilot of 300 shops for Christmas to expand it to more than 1,000 around the world (mainly USA and Canada) at the end of September. 

Despite this, should take into account that Joly comments fall outside the financial quarter ending report. Best Buy started selling the Apple Watch in the middle of the month of August in both countries, so it has not shared numbers or sales volumes. But his words indicate that Apple Watch sales are doing better than they thought many.

Best Buy narrow its alliance with Apple

Strong sales of the Apple Watch are good news for the Alliance between the two companies

Best Buy was the first chain of stores from U.S. to sell Apple Watch on their premises. A partner that is relevant since it is the largest retailer of the Anglo-Saxon country. To the naked eye and given the emphasis that has Apple when it comes to position its product as a luxury item wearable, It seems contradictory that ended selling it at Best Buy.

But if we look at the small print of the agreement, we will see that the only models that will be sold are 16 Sport collections and steel, leaving aside the Gold Edition. It is no wonder that this model will stay out, since there are only 21 Apple Store around the world that sell it. Is for this reason that this chain stores they make a special emphasis on the Sport range, more affordable and more likely to attract the casual public.

The launch of Apple clock is one more chapter of the close relationship between the two companies. As discussed in Fortune:

[Best Buy] is now renewing its sections of Apple in 740 stores, including new facilities and more tables for phones, computers and tablets. The work is complete in 350 stores to which are added other 170 for the Christmas campaign.

And it moves away from CurrentC

CurrentC continues losing partners and sees its release even farther

Do you remember CurrentC, the competitor of Apple Pay that was hacked before birth? Little news we have received from this system to demanded exclusivity to its partners and it forbade them the use of other platforms of mobile payment, under penalty of fine. This was how pharmaceutical chains CVS and Rite Aid suspended Apple Pay support, to make a better pitch to their solution.

What if we have known is that at the end of April, they said goodbye to its CEO and named Brian V. Mooney as a temporary substitute. As if this wasn’t enough, the launch of CurrentC still taking. The key date has been delayed from this same August at the beginning of the coming year, “to do it well”.

While CurrentC continues to devote efforts to straighten its platform, we knew that Best Buy, one of its initial members, left this solution in favour of Apple Pay and other competing platforms. The Executive of Apple Greg Joswiak said before this happens:

The stores that want to succeed will accept payment wanting to use customers.

Eventually, both companies show that their partnership is bearing fruit. We will see what other chapters open Best Buy and Apple in the future.