The Apple Watch Are Consolidated with an Index of Satisfaction of 96% According to Wristly

Wristly He has wanted to do another study about the satisfaction of users of the Watch Apple after he published in July, to see if consumers are still giving the same confidence. And you could say yes, because in this new study the satisfaction rate is 96%.

In the study of July the rate was 97%, but Wristly does not consider that it has fallen 1% due to the margin of error and that in this most recent study have been added to many more respondents. The best signal is that those who are happier with at Apple Watch they are those who have more time with him.

Another good news is that which most satisfied are the clock also are the ones least involved are with technology, to assume that it is not an accessory you are buying only the geeks. The campaign of the Watch as a fashion accessory seems to be working, at least so far.

11% of users of Apple Watch carried watch up to when they go to sleep

And if you look in the header graphic, we have the third signal: the vast majority of users (79%) they carry the Apple Watch since since they get up until they go to sleep. 11% of people who carry even sleeping followed by far (go to know when to put it), and 7% that take you “the majority of the day”.

Tim Cook already has material to brag about in a while, when exposing the financial results for the last fiscal quarter in a press conference. In summary, it seems that the Watch is in good health as a product that can endure “in its own category” as they conclude at Wristly.