Test Report – Sailboat of AndrÉ Belfort

Our heart has always beaten for watches. Expected of his design to be sporty and dynamic. This is the reason why we have learned with great pleasure that we could test the sports watch ‘Sailboat’ of the House André Belfort.

Test Report Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown

From the Outside:

We really like the design of the dial. It captivates by its unique elements. On the exhaust opening reveals the movement. It is decorated with a stem and 2 blued screws. The display of the date and the day of the week remind us to a speedometer of a race car.Very dynamic! In fact the theme of sportsmanship seems to continue as a thread through the design of this noble timepiece.The dial is distinct even if its elements are imposing and time is very easy to read thanks to the luminescent material on the hour and minute even when there is little light. The case just like the bracelet with a clasp closure are manufactured in strong refined steel and we especially like them because of optical sound dull.The design is very harmonious. Refined steel bracelet includes another element of design that immediately meets us the eye: the carbon structure that is spans the length of the strap in the middle. In fact, not only the bracelet is beautiful, it is very elegantly and comfortably on the wrist.


A very elaborate technique behind the sapphire glass resistant to scratches. The automatic movement André Belfort calibre ETK 831 with 33 stones. We have already read beforehand that this movement should be very specific. He was able to convince us on the line. We have not seen great variability in the frequency of the oscillations. The sailboat is able to withstand pressure up to 5 bar. So it is ideal for daily use.

Balance Sheet:

Watch the House André Belfort sailboat is a very successful shows. We find his remarkable sporty design and its technical impressed us a lot.