Stylish Watches: It Teaches Your Wrist to Give Time

For those who are unconditional lovers of watches and you like to have more than one, this post you will love. And is that There are also different trends in watches each season. The stars of the moment are the models Gold, steel or with the mix of the two.

Steel or gold?

Tommy Hilfiger

The clock from etaizhou is the perfect accessory, is not only a useful complement to not be late to our appointments, but that also helps us to complete a styling. I recommend it look always except at weddings or parties requiring label.


The steel watches they are a classic, but new trends combine it with Golden touches. A sophisticated and elegant mix that you can look for 24 hours, Since you feel great during the day and at night. It’s feminine watch that glad to give time to be able to show.


Another of the most current designs, and that I personally love are the steel or rose gold bracelets, combined with white or Black ceramic links. The first option is more appropriate to wear in summer, but the second is perfect for all seasons.

Folli Follie

The areas of the moment are big and round, and most of the designs have a male air very fashion. On some occasions, around the dial are engaged small pebbles that give a touch more glamorous.


All models range between the 150 to 200 euros, except for the Burberry which are less economic.


For that fascinates you as vintage, sure that this model of PUMA It will fascinate you. A classic of old cuts, with rigid strap and matte Golden dial.



The sports watches they are perfect to wear during the day, simple and stylish, and best of all, in different colors. The new winter collection of Swatch, It just fascinates me. Dark blue, Brown, silver or black, complete a perfect range to give the time each day with a model.


In Lacoste There are also several models with rubber strap, a material which a trendsetter for several seasons and that reiventando is gone. The great advantage of these watches is your comfort.