Smartwatch and the Impressive Tablet Folding Lenovo

The Lenovo Tech Wold 2016 not only was it an event dedicated to show the company releases for this year, but it has also become a showcase where presented innovation works, prototypes and developments that could see the light in the future.

Many companies have already signed up to the development of flexible displays, such is the case of LG, Samsung and even Oppo, but in the majority of cases are limited to show the capabilities of the panel or a device concept ideas, but never the device itself. But now Lenovo has surprised everyone by presenting its first two prototypes something that could come in the not-too-distant future, it’s CPlus and Folio, the first two devices equipped with its new flexible technology.

CPlus and Folio: the first flexible Lenovo video devices

CPlus: the smartphone that you can use on your wrist

This is the first device of CPlus, a smartphone with a touch panel of 4.35 inches fully flexible HD, where the interesting part is that the vast majority of components have been adapted so they can fold, i.e. the plate, drums and the structure of the device, which incidentally is aluminum with plastic hinges.

This format allows that we may have a smartphone lengthened for certain tasks, but also adapt it to a bracelet,watch or smartwatch format to take you with us on the wrist, by doing this the interface change and adapt itself to the new format to display information depending on the orientation and the position in which we are using it.

Of course works on Android, in this case the version 6.0.1, and to prevent falls when you have it in your wrist or folds accidental format smartphone, he has with a security that blocks the hinges to maintain the desired format.

Of course just we have a prototype of a technology that we could see in the future, so far there is no information about a possible date of marketing or an approximate, but the interesting thing about this is the fact that is a functional smartphone/smartwatch, in which we can currently use the camera, surf the internet, install applications and in general any task we do today.

Folio: a tablet that becomes dual-screen smartphone

But CPlus was not the only device that comes as part of the new Lenovo flexible technology, Folio It is a variant of a larger size that takes advantage of the ability to bend to have access to a tablet of 7.8 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixels, but can also use like smartphone of 5.5 inches on both sides.

The essential part of Folio is the flexible touch panel, which has adapted to a divided structure in two parts joined by a hinge equal, which is equipped with the same technology in aluminium and plastic with blocking system of the CPlus, which helps us to that there is no accidental folds, but it also allows us to stop us at any step between smartphone and tablet to take advantage of this format.

Similarly, Folio is based on Android and has an interface that adapts automatically to the format chosen, where an attractive and well thought out part has been to give utility to the part of the screen located on the hinge, to be in format smartphone will be transformed in an independent panel with access to shortcuts, as scroll bar for when we are reading, or zoom to the camera, come on, this ‘third panel’ function can be expanded through applications and ideas that arrive later by developers.

Folio is also part of the new flexible technology presented by Lenovo as a sample of innovation, which ensure you will arrive in a few years as a commercial product, thus transforming the way in which we use and interact with our devices. Certainly of the most attractive we’ve seen Lenovo Tech World.