Samsung Gear A: Specifications of Round Smartwatch Gel Nude

Actually, the gear was A, Samsung’s first round Smartwatch, for at the beginning of the year expected. But the start shifted – allegedly because of the Apple Watch – for an indefinite period. A release of the gear of A parallel to the new note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge plus in August can be expected however. Now, the colleagues of Sammobile provide new information.

What is already clear: the gear A will have a circular screen. The recently published SDK from Samsung has already confirmed this assumption. South Koreans will adjust Tizen according to the operating system to do so. In contrast to the autonomously running gear S, the new watch but do not have LTE can spark. Only the support of 4.1 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi was with on board.

Inside, the gear is obviously equipped with an Exynos 3472-chip A. The dual-core chip should bars with 1.2 GHz according to the report. 4 GB of internal memory and 768 MB of RAM are together with a battery in the strength of 250 mAh with installed. Fitness functions may of course not neglected in the current Smartwatches. So the gear will measure probably the heart rate A and therefore come with GPS and sensors for acceleration, location and air pressure.

In the past, we have already by a characteristic ring reportsthat can be used.

The start of A gear can be allegedly dated on August 12.