Olio: Smartwatch Relies on Quality and Minimalism

The producer of Olio comes with its first Smartwatch, who was able to convince on test of SlashGear, both the design and the functions in the hands.

“We concentrate on the time-saving”

Steve Jacobs, the developer of the Olio Smartwatch will find clear words for the intention of the smart watch. It comes that the user has real benefits, especially time-savers when he lies to an Olio Smartwatch. In the foreground are not necessarily the many functions and many notes that can be displayed on the smart watch. Still, the phone for such matters should remain the number one.

Smart design and high wearing comfort

The many notifications that constantly arrive on your Smartphone will be filtered and bundled and not everything on the Smartwatch appear. Then, the user can determine whether he would respond to the messages or whether this should occur later or not at all. That’s exactly the specialty of the developer who beats Studio v1 has worked with among other things on the iPhone or on the Dr. Dre headphones. His high expectations find themselves both in the design and processing of Olio Smartwatch, as also in the comfort is very high despite the size of the clock, so colleagues report by SlashGear.

Android and iOS support from $600

Features such as alarms, calendar and music are no problem with the Smartwatch is the final design of the user interface not found yet and will be further improved. Via touch screen, the user can through to deal with different features. With support for Android and iOS, also seeks additional partners for some health and fitness functions. You can the full review and more information here in the Hands-On test read. The Smartwatch can pre-order starting today, the delivery is to start in the summer of this year. Off we go with the model one for just under $600 according to the manufacturer’s website.