Jony Ive Was Right: Swiss Watches Industry Suffered Its Worst Decline in Six Years

More than one year ago, when the Apple Watch He was still months from its release in Spain, the head of design, Jonathan Ive released a notice: Apple clock you could put in a tricky situation to the Swiss watch industry. In March of this year the co-founder of Swatch made a similar prediction.

Today, it seems that these predictions are fulfilled, always making it clear that the degree of involvement and the causes may be questionable. But the latest analysis warn that the business of the Swiss watches has suffered its worst decline in six years with a 12% fall in exports.

“A year to forget” for Swiss Watch, according to an analyst industry

For Analyst Jon Cox, 2015 “is a year to forget” in the Guild of clockmakers in the European country. Both low-end brands and the most prestigious have been affected, and in the goose that laid the golden egg which is Hong Kong for this industry the decline has been has been too big to ignore

Is all because of Apple Watch?

Export figures confirm a decline in industry watches, agreement, but that doesn’t mean that Apple Watch is only itself to blame. Although it is also true that some role has had to have that down, especially when the pace of exports from October of last year went up instead of down.

From 9to5Mac have how the CEO of Tag Heuer expected of Apple Watch indicators more consumers watch “truth” (as he described them) among the young public, but it is still too early to be able to support or oppose this.

That Yes: that same company has launched its own smartwatch, and does not seem to have been very successful. Apple may or may not be the culprit direct exports down, but if that has catapulted a change in the industry and plans of all manufacturers.