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Presentation of the iron Samurai, a lava red Japanese inspired LED watch from an alternative future which gives his cool omnipotence carrier of rewriting the rules of how temporal data (time) should be displayed.Would you like to say that this watch really time? Yes. While Tokugawan iron Samurai embodies style and shogunate design with blood red numbers enclosed in his sword samurai of crude steel, as the final battle between all the forces of good and evil in the multiverse, this Japanese LED watch from on the fact of also tell the time and not so really efficient! Press the upper button on the right side of the clock and see the screen light up as the lava surface. Press the button below to make an open and close the numbers and therefore modifies them. In time mode, the top row represents hour information, while the bottom row represents minutes information. In the mode of the date, top and bottom represent month and day. In fact, when you begin to use this clock may find you spend all your time difficult strangers to duels. Is likely that live by the code of Bushido of rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty. You start to read kanji and reciting haiku of Basho, as “even a horse / arrests my eyes — on this / snowy morning.” Yes, the iron Samurai has been known to increase the strength of its users ‘, dexterity, Constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma by as many as 20 points each! Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal are said to be iron Samurai, such as David Bowie and Brian Eno owners. In fact, this watch is perfect for Crashers presidential dinner, celebrities on Facebook with more than 1000 fans, directors of Youtube with over 2,000,000 views, anyone who can play the entirety of Neil Zaza I’m Alright to electric guitar, iPhone 3 G owners, or anyone who is a person. Just Google “Japanese LED watch” to see the amount of these watches are sold over the Internet. Note the way in which normally to the retail for about 10 times the price we are selling for. Even if you do not plan on buying one for himself, the actions of your online store with these headturning to lock in some incredible benefits watches! Brought to you by the leader in direct selling to the wholesale electronics.

At a glance…

  • Crimson red LED
  • Time and date function
  • Top row of viewing hours
  • Bottom row of minutes on the screen
  • Normally sells for around USD200!

The manufacturer’s specifications

  • Main function: Japanese-inspired LED red digital watch
  • Display: Top row and bottom lights for time and date
  • Bracelet: – Color: camouflage steel (Onyx) – please refer to the FAQ section to see which color * -Material: sword Samurai carbonized steel folded 1000 times more -Duration: ~ 180 mm with 18 segments for wrist adjustment
  • Closure: lid exclusively on the design of the lock
  • (Right side) function buttons: -Top of the page (time and date + Select) -Button (change mode)
  • Settings: Time, date, year
  • Power: CR2016 (x 1) pre-installed
  • Manufacturer: SEPP3212125X1S

Product Notes

  • Similar LED watches sold on the Internet for more than 10 times its price, simply google “Japanese LED watch” to see for yourself.
  • Press the upper button to display the time on demand.
  • This watch is not water resistant

The contents for CVIZ-G165

  • Red LED watch
  • Manual – English
  • Attractive gift box

FAQ – frequently asked questions

  • How can I change the date and time on this watch? Press the lower button on the right side of the clock. This will make the current configuration to Flash. Keep pressing the bottom button until you reach the setting you want to change. Then press the upper button to change the information.
  • What kind of batteries used this watch? This Japanese LED watch uses a unique battery CR2016 autoloader. Other names of this type of battery goes down button cell, silver button cells, or coin cell batteries.
  • How long will the batteries last? Batteries should last longer than with a normal watch, since the date and time information is displayed only when you want it to.
  • Is this a Tokyo Flash watch? No, is better because it costs almost 1/15th the price of a Tokyo Flash watch and is also supported by the company warranty of 12 months.
  • Why is this watch called the Samurai for steel? Because even though it is illegal to walk around the city with a samurai sword, that it is not illegal to wear a watch around the city. But how can I wear a watch that incorporates the same coldness as a samurai sword? Only through the purchase and the use of the iron Samurai my friend.
  • You mentioned that this watch is perfect for Crashers presidential dinner, celebrities on Facebook with more than 1000 fans, Youtube directors with over 2,000,000 views, anyone who can play the entirety of Neil Zaza I’m Alright on electric guitar, and the iPhone 3 G owners. What if I do not belong to one of these groups? This watch is perfect for hackers in language of machine, girls North Shore, Yukio Mishima fans, anyone who can sing all the Open Arms by Journey at karaoke, as well as direct descendants of the true samurai.
  • I have come to realize that depending on the photo, the watch looks different. Has also listed the color of the bracelet as “camouflage steel (Onyx)”. Steel is silver. Onyx is black. Seriously, what color is this clock? That’s a good question. Depending on the conditions of ambient light, this watch sometimes looks like Silver metallic. Like Hellsing battling vampire hordes. At other times, the light of silver is. As coins received to betray a Savior. Sometimes what looks almost black Onyx or deep. As well as the hearts of men. The reason for the iron Samurai elusive face is scratch-resistant galvanized finish. This has resulted in a process of refraction that breaks the light that falls on the clock in its components colors and reflects in the eye to different wavelengths. That’s why is so difficult to describe the color of this watch. On the other hand, if it were easy to describe how the iron Samurai looks, his enemies could join forces and defeat him. That’s not going to happen.