IBM Offers Its Employees The Ability to Take over a Apple Watch as Part of The Company’s Health Plan

Yes, sure that many after reading these lines it will agreed famous photo Steve Jobs outside the offices of IBM. After this joke we will talk about the current internal health program in IBM among its employees. Seems to be that the company is offering them the possibility to take over a Apple Watch.

This offering is part of the internal campaign of the company “Commit to Health” (entrusted with the health). Employees are eligible for a subsidy that allows them to be with a Apple Watch (understand they must then return to terms that grant) or buy it at a discounted price.

We are to a typical policy in large companies It aims to instill in their employees healthy life habits. Already known that IBM offered the Fitbit fitness band, It is unknown if Apple Watch comes as an option or to replace it.

The truth is that I myself, in my personal experience, I’ve noticed as the own Apple Watch “forces” me to do some physical activity. Before he could sit hours in my job and now I see how every hour I wake up even if it is just a couple of minutes.

They are more than shown the benefits of this type of campaigns within the large enterprise and it seems the Apple Watch may have a great potential to do so.