Drivers Were Given Fines Because of Apple Watch

Canadian police believe that smart watches can be equated with cell phones, something that lawyers are challenging.

In recent years, several countries have introduced bans on using cell phones while driving. Now debated it for fully in Canada if the rules also cover products that Apple Watch.

The background is that police in Quebec recently chose to fine a man who tinkered on their Apple Watch while driving. With reference to a prohibition on the use of “handheld devices with phone function” behind the wheel was a fine of the equivalent of 800 dollars.

It fined the man, Jeffrey Macesin, admits he tinkered on their Apple Watch when he wanted to listen to a different song. However, he did not accept the fines as the clock sits on your wrist and cannot therefore be regarded as a “handheld device”.

According to lawyer Avi Levy, it is unclear whether Apple Watch can be said to be a “device with telephone functions”. Phone tones are brought over via bluetooth and then Apple Watch in the law’s eyes as an approved accessories like headsets.

Which party has the law on his side will now be decided by a court.