Cowatch Is The Smart Watch That Wants To Have Alexa As An Inseparable Companion

The Amazon Echo and its recent variants have begun to prove their versatility in the United States, but so far Amazon’s voice assistant did not seem to be aimed at smart watches.

Cowatch Is The Smart Watch That Wants To Have Alexa As An Inseparable Companion

That could change with CoWatch, a project emerged in IndieGogo that wants to become the ” first smartwatch with Amazon Alexa integrated .” The idea would be simple: to combine the power of this voice assistant with a smart clock to be able to access all kinds of services directly from this device.

Beyond Alexa

Amazon does not seem to have given the go-ahead to develop this product, but in fact does not have to: Alexa is available to independent hardware developers, something we recently checked to discover how it was possible to integrate this wizard into a Raspberry Pi.

The CoWatch not only integrates Alexa: it also makes use of Bluetooth to connect to Android devices and iOS, and has very decent specifications: a Super AMOLED screen, a stainless steel body, pedometer, heart rate sensor, water resistance, A dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage capacity. The battery has a maximum autonomy of 32 hours.

One of the project leaders is Leor Stern, who worked for Google and IFTTT and is now CEO of Cronologics, a company that develops an operating system for smart watches that has already made its presence in Blocks, the modular smartwwatch .The price starts at $ 159, and the models will begin shipping this June to the first investors.