Can Grow or Decrease Sales of Smart Watch?

What is exactly happening with sales in the segment of smart watches? Apple still does not reveal a single datum about the results in the Watch market, and analysts they rush to make predictions that, it seems, they are not in agreement. In this respect, and in a very rare situation, both Canalys and IDC have entered into an unusual war of figures.

And do not think the differences are of a few thousand units, but that OS so great that according to his reading can be determined that the market grows either loses strength with the passage of time.

And Apple still does not reveal its figures

We started with IDC predicted a few days ago a slowdown in sales of the Apple Watch, and don’t talk about a slight decline, but a bump that exceeded the 70%, or what is the same, in the analyzed period sold 1.1 million watches of the same record 3.9 million for the previous year. Figures which could certainly be alarming for the manufacturer and by extension, the sector.

according to thefreegeography, Canalys has presented their particular vision of the matter which is radically contrary to the rivals: sales had not not only declined but they had grown by 60% with respect to the same period of the previous year. In what both firms they agree is that the Apple Watch is the undisputed king, but a sector that we do not know if it grows or decreases…