Baidu: Own Wear OS and Smartwatch Announced

The Chinese company Baidu has its own operating system for Android announced Smartwatches. In addition to come soon also an own Smartwatch on the market.

DuWear with voice control

On the OS from Smartphones or Smartwatches, there are always some things that could still be improved or best simplify the life of the user. Also the Chinese technology giant Baidu has imagined this and come up with a new OS for Android Wear Smartwatches looks. The DuWear operating system will come with some interesting innovations. So, it will be possible to announce by lifting the arm the stock quotes or weather. Additionally, the voice search and control with the Smartwatch will be possible.

Sony SmartWatch 3, Moto 360 and LG G watch

On the various sensors of the Sony SmartWatch 3, Moto 360, or the LG G watch the operating system may also access and to make advantage for different applications. Whether more Smartwatches follow remains to be seen. Definitely equipped with the DuWear OS the in-house DuWear watch will be however, that ZDNet to appear in June according to the report, likely night but still not with us in Germany.

Integrated payment function

In addition to Baidu close, a gap in the market at least in the Asian region and introduces also a payment function with the new Smartwatch. While Apple is limited with the Apple Watch only to their products, there is still no real mobile payment by Google solution in China. Here is Baidu so committed and hopes that soon many customers could rely on the DuWear watch.