Among Manufacturers, Operating Systems and Smart Watches. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Still in holiday period we have to make our weekly review of the best of our Galaxy, which this year brings different themes and is that today, despite the holidays, has not given us truce. Without further additives, it begins here Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • Anxious to have a smartphone with the latest version of Windows Phone in your hands? For you Engadget Windows It brings us a video of Windows Phone 8.1 analysis.
  • One of the most anticipated handsets with Chinese origin is probably the OnePlus One, all a flagship with a set price. From Engadget teach us which will be its appearance, both hardware and software.
  • From Applesfera the closure comes to an interesting series of articles, can Apple create a cheap iPhone of truth?
  • If you’re The Walking Dead amateur and you’ve been wanting more after the end of the fourth season now you can relive the first season on your Android as we have since Extra life.
  • Mobile or camera? With accessories that we display from Mobile World Capital You can convert your mobile phone in a real camera: lens, a motorized Rotary Foundation, continuous lighting lamps …
  • Lover of bikes? Since the Sony space bring us a selection of applications for lovers of the sport on two wheels: from routes, helps to repair yourself your bike up to how to choose the perfect bike for your body.
  • If you are aware of the latest generation of smart watches that are currently coming to the market perhaps you should take a look to the analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo that our colleagues have made of Engadget Android.
  • We all know currently if we want an Internet connection really fast we must connect our devices by cable but it may not be necessary in the future. From Engadget On tell us how by 2015 we will have WiFi of 10 Gbps connections.

And so far, our review weekly, that have a good holiday weekend!search for more at calculatorinc