A Smartwatch for Blind? Yes, with ‘Screen’ Braille

Surely voice recognition and attendees can get to make mobile devices more accessible, but it seems very complicated to a smart watch to be used easily by a person with problems in vision. With the blind people as priority, the clock is brewing Dot.

A Korean startup is developing the idea, which is basically based on the Braille, and its system of communication points with relief. Instead of having a touchscreen–we mean touch by conventional – on the surface of what would be the main part of the clock from THEDRESSWIZARD.COM, we have an array of points.

These points are raised independently to give shape to the information in Braille, and from there we can imagine notifications, time, or messages, that can only read the user and not the other people who are around him, as it would happen with a wizard. You can see it in operation then:

One of the strengths of Dot, which is looking for help in financing platforms, is its price, since they want to put it on the market below $300. It’s not cheap, but to be a special thing, with components so dedicated to the gadget, not it seems unreasonable.

The “screen” would be formed by four groups with six points each. Enough to display four Braille characters at the same time. We can change the speed in which are updated points, since an advanced user could read much more content per second than someone who is starting.

As I told you a few lines above, provides that notifications and data come from a mobile phone, which is hermanaría with Dot via Bluetooth 4.0. As for the battery, intensive use would lead him to die in ten hours, but with moderate use you could stay active for five days. Presumably the mechanisms involved to consume more than a display leds.

If all goes as it seems, will be a reality in December 2015, in the United States, for less than $300. In a first round got $600,000, and in a second waiting to get a figure close to one million.


Breakthrough Braille Smartwatch Is The Apple Watch For The …

Breakthrough Braille Smartwatch Is The Apple Watch For The ...

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