A New Patent Reveals a Possible Smartwatch Future of Microsoft

Long ago that we do not hear of it but Microsoft does not seem to have been expelled in the race to develop the future watch. A new patent application from Microsoft published by the Office of patents and trademarks of the United States has revealed some of the ideas that could be shuffling in Redmond on its own smartwatch.

According to the documentation of the patent the possible “wearable” of Microsoft would be in a small device that could be embedded within a belt, making it into a kind of smart clock. The device would have sensors, some of them capable of measuring different biometric parameters, you would use to collect information on the activities of the user from seafordecommerce.com.

The information would be displayed on the touchscreen in the form of icons and text. On the patent images, you can see what looks like an example of an application of exercises with options for distance, heart rate and calories burned. But the potential applications are many, including music player, alarms or messaging.

In the documentation of the patent is also appreciated a dock or stand in which to put the smartwatch, with or without strap. The dock would act as a charging base and would include the necessary connection to connect to a computer or other device.

Before you start speculating beyond the account is worth remember that at the moment it is only a patent. In addition, although it has now been revealed, it was requested already long ago, in the last quarter of the year 2012. The only thing that is clear is that in Microsoft have been working at some point in a smart watch. If they are still in it is something that we know by now.


Microsoft Smartwatch Outed in New Patent

Microsoft Smartwatch Outed in New Patent

Source: www.digitaltrends.com

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