10,000 Apps Ready Apple Watch: Facebook Messenger, GoPro and Airstrip Including

Nothing more to start the Keynote today, Tim Cook has given way to Jeff Williams to discuss advances in Apple Watch. In addition to reviewing the most important innovations of watchOS 2 as native apps, Williams announced that the Apple wearable has already with more than 10,000 on your App Store.

Apple has mentioned a few of them, such as Facebook Messenger, with which we respond to voice messages. GoPro app, you will see from the wrist which is recording our camera at the time. As happens now with the iPhone camera app.

But there has also been time to show a medical app called Airstrip, which will help to manage our health information with a doctor. With this app, our medical You can check our pulse in real time. They are also working to integrate this app in hospitals, enhancing the focus on health that wants Apple to this device.

The Cupertino company is mobilizing a medical industry that has traditionally been tied to closed systems due to the severe laws for the protection of patient data. It will be interesting to know where that data is stored and what security will use Apple to encrypt.