A pocket watch is a watch for personal use, which is intended to be stored in a pocket. It is usually fitted with a chain with a clip at the end which is used to attach the clock to one’s clothes, and thus prevent that one loses it.

French pocketwatch

The first pocket watch saw the light of day in 1510, – the so-called pocketwatch, and it was particularly popular in the 19th century and can be found on bridgat. In the 20th century it was increasingly replaced by wristwatches.

Today it is very rarely used pocket watches. It is most often used as a decorative object in line with women’s jewelry, as it is often made of silver or gold. It is also like watch chain, although gilt chains also are available. Men use it not very often as jewelry, most of all it is: cufflinks, tie-pins and rings. That’s why can an expensive pocket watch used as a status symbol.

gold pocket watch

A pocket watch is worn properly with a suit – preferably a three-part consisting of a jacket, vest and pants. Traditionally pocket watch was worn in one of the pockets on the front of the West, and chain clip fastened in one of the West’s buttonholes. Pocket watch is worn inside pocket on the jacket or always in front pockets on the West, not in the shirt or pants.

Women's Chic Pocket Watch